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Cherry to Swoon Audiences into a Katy Perry Paradise at Qtopia Sydney’s Pride Fest

May 21, 2024

It’s 2008 and 13-year-old Sarah is watching MTV, when Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl comes on and her obsession with Katy begins. It’s now 2024 and Sarah Carroll is sharing her obsession with audiences during Pride Fest this June at The Loading Dock.

On 7 and 8 June, on a cloud of cotton candy, Cherry will take you on an intimate, bubblegum, pop journey from fangirl Sarah’s awkward teenage years, to discovering the power of Katy Perry’s music. In ultimately becoming a confident, bisexual woman, she invites each one of us to fully embrace who we are.

Speaking of her upcoming performance, Carroll said, “Stepping onto The Loading Dock stage feels like stepping into a dream I’ve nurtured since that moment I first heard Katy Perry’s electrifying anthem.

“It’s more than just a performance – it’s a culmination of years of embracing my identity, finding my voice and celebrating the music that shaped me,” she added.

“The Loading Dock stage isn’t just a platform – it’s an opportunity to share my journey with others. Cherry is a testament to the power of music to transform, to empower and to unite us in our shared humanity,” Ms Carroll concluded.

This performance is set to have audiences questioning when it is time to let go of childhood heroes and embrace who we truly are, and if we ever really let go.

Cherry hilariously and insightfully celebrates the power of music to transform and enlighten via this one woman’s thank you card to her idol.

Cherry performs from 7 – 8 June 2024 at The Loading Dock Theatre, 301 Forbes Street Darlinghurst. Tickets are $35.

To secure your tickets and to view the show season, visit the link here:

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