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From Grunge to Glamour: A Walk Through Our History


Morning and Afternoon sessions are available for this program

How much do you know about your local history?

From Grunge to Glamour is a program that promotes group confidence, communication and connection while exploring the vibrant history of Qtopia Sydney and its surrounds. Focusing on themes of identity, community and connection, the program facilitates an educational and cultural experience that encourages you to learn more about your local history, whilst also learning more about yourself. The program encourages the development of social and cultural literacy as well as inviting you to engage creatively with Sydney’s history, finding new approaches to communicate with one another and ways to preserve our history.

Embark on a walk around Darlinghurst, learning about the rich history of the area and the ways in which it has continued to be shared. The tour will be followed by an exhibition exploration, where you will receive further insights into our past and the ways in which we work to keep that alive.

Then, hear stories from our community – from 65,000+ years ago until now. Submerge yourself in the history of Queerness in First Nations’ culture, Australia’s previous epidemic, incarceration and decriminalisation, with authenticity at its core. At Qtopia Sydney, we share the good, the bad, and the ugly… but most importantly, the true. Join us as we elevate and honour the past while looking forward to the future.

As From Grunge to Glamour is a half day program, it can be run in either the morning or afternoon.

Your group will enjoy:

Cost: $135pp plus GST
Capacity: 15 people maximum 60 people

*If you would like to add a meal with your team on the back of your program, we would be happy to arrange this for you as well.

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