130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution

130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution is a celebration of a cross-section of incredible, Queer musical talent.

The exhibition – a testament to the ingenuity, joy, passion and immense talent of Queer Australian musicians from the 1970s to the present – showcases fourteen potent songs that mark important moments in the ongoing journey of Queer Australian music.

Each artist involved was asked to pick a song of theirs that they felt spoke most strongly to their Queer identity and the result is electric.

From Judy Small Queering the parochial narratives of 1970s regional Australian life to Mo’Ju in 2018 staunchly celebrating their non-binary, Waridjuri and Filipino identity, this is cultural history in the making.

Much of Queer history focusses on the darkness – on the ways in which Queer people have been subjugated and let down.

This installation invites you to see the light and join the party, because if Queers know how to do anything, it’s how to get down.  

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