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Qtopia Sydney Launches Corporate Programs

April 22, 2024

Qtopia Sydney is thrilled to announce that The Substation in Taylor Square opened to the public on 17 April, welcoming visitors to a new exhibition and space for live entertainment.

Sponsored by American Express, The Substation is one of four Qtopia Sydney venues, complementing 301 Forbes Street, The Bandstand in Green Park and The Toilet Block in Taylor Square, and will allow entry to visitors for two, one-hour sessions per day from Wednesday to Sunday.

It’s been 30 years since the subterranean building was in operation. Its opening sparks the reignition of activity and opportunity in the Oxford Street precinct – made possible through the support of the City of Sydney Council.

“Revitalising old sites is about breathing new life into forgotten spaces and creating vibrant hubs for the community,” said Qtopia Sydney CEO Greg Fisher.

“Thanks to the support and commitment from the City of Sydney Council, we were able to secure and rejuvenate this historic site. It is truly exciting as I know that we’re not just preserving history, but we’re shaping a dynamic future for Sydney by adding to its cultural fabric.

“As someone who remembers the vibrant energy of Oxford Street in my younger gay days, seeing Taylor Square come alive again fills me with nostalgia. It’s a celebration of community, diversity and the enduring spirit of this iconic LGBTQIA+ precinct,” added Mr Fisher.

In a post to Instagram, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said, “Two years ago, the City provided seed funding of $283,000 to Qtopia Sydney to help create a space that would tell the stories and honour the heroes whose bravery and hard work advanced human rights and equality in Sydney.

“Earlier this month, we approved $100,000 for free entry to Qtopia Sydney on Sundays. The aim of the free entry is to educate as many people as possible about the horrors of the past, so we can overcome the prejudice and discrimination that still exist today,” she added.

“Congratulations to Qtopia Sydney on the opening of this wonderful and unique venue,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore concluded.

The Substation is home to ‘130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution’ – an exhibition curated by Bertie Blackman, daughter of famed artist Charles Blackman, and a 40-seat performance space.

“Bertie’s exhibition is a testament to the ingenuity, joy, passion and immense talent of Queer Australian musicians from the 1970s to the present day, showcasing fourteen potent songs that mark important moments in the ongoing journey of Queer Australian music,” continued Mr Fisher.

“To be called the daughter of a legend is an honour, but Bertie’s own accomplishments solidify her status as a legend in her own unique way,” he added.

By night, The Substation will transform into a stage, offering another platform that will amplify the breadth and depth of Queer talent. From drag to comedy, to cabaret and poetry, The Substation theatre will host a variety of shows by artists from all over Australia.

“As we celebrate the launch of our third building, we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead with our fourth premises – The Toilet Block – which will open in the coming weeks,” Mr Fisher continued.

The Qtopia Sydney brand will continue to evolve as a beacon of knowledge and progress.

“We are currently launching our corporate and school-based education programs and look forward to welcoming students and organisations into our venues in the near future,” Mr Fisher concluded.

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