Opening exhibitions at Qtopia Sydney are guided by five major themes: HIV/AIDS, human rights, sexuality and identity, media representation and First Nations stories.

Each of these themes will be expanded over time, with new exhibitions opening in coming months.

Visitors are advised that these exhibitions contain references to disturbing events, violence, grief and loss and may be upsetting for some viewers.


130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution

130BPM: Soundtrack to a Revolution is a celebration of a cross section of incredible, Queer musical talent.

Dykes on Bikes

The Dykes on Bikes are an essential and exciting start to every Mardi Gras Parade

Ward 17th South

Ward 17 South is presented in partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and recreates a room from the first dedicated HIV/AIDS treatment and care

HIV Today

HIV Today provides a historical and contemporary context for the ongoing understanding of HIV/AIDS locally

Sydney WorldPride 2023 – Gather, Dream, Amplify

Sydney WorldPride 2023 - Gather, Dream, Amplify presents elements of Sydney WorldPride and gives audiences

We’re Here, We’re Queer

We’re Here, We’re Queer is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride in Australia using maps, Queer terminology


Becoming is a showcase of how various forms of gender expression have interacted, intertwined and evolved in Queer communities. 

1978 – Hour By Hour

1978 - Hour by Hour is an exhibition chronicling the pivotal year of 1978 in Sydney's LGBTQIA+ history

Where We Are

The former Darlinghurst Police Station, now home to Qtopia Sydney, embodies Sydney's historical evolution

Sydney Star Observer

The Star Observer exhibition commemorates 45 years of LGBTQIA+ resilience and progress through a visually compelling display

Lesbians on the Loose

This exhibition is a timeline of lesbian representation and reporting by the long-running, lesbian owned and staffed publication

Dirty Words: First Nations Languages

The Dirty Words: First Nations Languages’ exhibit holds work by some of the most remarkable First Nations Queer writers

The Underground

Inspired by the site of the public toilet block at Taylor Square, ‘The Underground'

The Original Activists

As a celebration of First Nations activism creativity, this exhibition recognises the LGBTQIA+ Trailblazers

HIV/AIDS Memorial

The HIV/AIDS Memorial is a dynamic yet gentle and inclusive tribute, using vivid stories, intimate photographs and community

Crime To Freedom

Crime to Freedom looks at recent LGBTQIA+ history from the 1970s, through decriminalisation

The Apology

In 2016, the NSW Police Force formally apologised to the '78ers, participants in the first Mardi Gras in 1978

Interviews with Jonathon Moran

Interviews with Jonathon Moran is an exhibition that features a diverse collection of 24 compelling interviews

“The basic principle I work on is if LGBT people exist, which we do, the law should, we’re not going anywhere. And so the law should protect us and the law should give us rights. It should not discriminate against us.”

Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney

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