Qtopia Sydney


Why We are Here

Welcome to Qtopia Sydney, an ACNC registered not-for-profit organisation committed to empowerment, inclusivity, celebration, challenge and education. Our public exhibitions, temporary displays and community engagement and education programs are resolute in their intent to represent the history and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community with integrity, authenticity and accuracy. We depend upon members of the public and government and private foundations for support and we ask you to join us on the journey and be part of our story.

Sharing the vision of Prof David Cooper

What We Do

Qtopia Sydney will host permanent and temporary exhibitions that explore the LGBTQIA+ community through the lens of history, culture, art and contemporary issues. Launching in Sydney for MardiGras 2024, the Museum will feature historical and archival objects, imagery, video and audio, to tell some of the stories of this significant period within Australia’s history.


Qtopia Sydney will provide transformative stories of LGBTQIA+ history and experiences to broaden the knowledge and perspectives of students, educators and the general public, through innovative education participatory programs.


We are committed to telling the stories of the people that make up our community. Share your knowledge, your experience, your voice. We will be sharing the stories of our Living Treasures onsite at our Museum and through our online programs.


How to Be Involved