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Dirty Words: First Nations Languages

The Dirty Words: First Nations Languages’ exhibit holds work by some of the most remarkable First Nations Queer writers whose words invite the audience to engage deeply with the oldest living culture in the world.  

Be energised, compelled, educated, proud, reflective, inspired and moved. The aesthetic of the space is poetry is very gay and very cool

During this United Nations Decade (2022 – 2032) of Indigenous Languages, this exhibition showcases some of Australia’s most contemporary and powerful Queer First Nations writers who have used the poetic form as a tool of resistance, reflection, humour, strength, remembering and truth telling.

Jazz Money, Daniel Browning, Natalie Harkin, Blake Griffiths, Raelee Lancaster and Takatāpui Māori writer, essa may ranapiri, generously share their words. This work has evolved relationally with each of the pieces being in-conversation with each other and you, our visitors. 

The ‘First Nations Languages’ space demonstrates the power of language as a tool of connection, expression and sovereignty. 

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