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Qtopia Sydney’s corporate engagement programs are designed to create an intimate space where history and humanity collide.

Featuring stories from inspiring guest speakers and driven by themes of identity, inclusion, resilience and empathy, our programs aim to leave a lasting impact on both the personal and professional lives of those who engage in them. Qtopia Sydney’s corporate programs are a chance to bring your corporate social responsibility charter to life, while contributing to a legacy of cultural inclusion. All of our programs are 80% tax deductible.


Night at the Museum


As the sun sets, the museum comes to life...

Night at the Museum provides a unique opportunity for groups to indulge in the heart of Qtopia Sydney after dark, with an all- access exploration of fascinating exhibits and the rich history of the LGBTQIA+ community. As visitors leave for the day and our building begins to stir, new stories come to light that only you will be able to uncover. What will you find on your night at the museum?

From Grunge to Glamour: A Walk Through Our History


Morning and Afternoon sessions are available for this program

How much do you know about your local history?

From Grunge to Glamour is a program that promotes group confidence, communication and connection while exploring the vibrant history of Qtopia Sydney and its surrounds. Focusing on themes of identity, community and connection, the program facilitates an educational and cultural experience that encourages you to learn more about your local history, whilst also learning more about yourself. The program encourages the development of social and cultural literacy as well as inviting you to engage creatively with Sydney’s history, finding new approaches to communicate with one another and ways to preserve our history.
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Celebration of Pride

Exclusive to June, invite your corporate group to celebrate Pride Month at Qtopia Sydney.

Learn about the history of the LGBTQIA+ community from 65,000+ years ago to today.

Celebrate how far we have come, and the giants along the way on whose shoulders we stand.

A wonderful opportunity to see the exhibition and enjoy time together at Qtopia Sydney alongside your colleagues.

Visit Includes:

The Cost

$45 per head + GST
Minimum spend $800 + GST (20 guests)


Maximum guests: 80 people

Celebration of Pride

Customise your experience

Guest speakers

For programs that include a guest speaker, organisations are invited to choose to hear from speakers and on topics of deep interest to them. Hear stories of challenge and triumph from the heart of the community, with guest speakers available from a range of backgrounds:

Legacy of your program

Leave with a true understanding of identity and inclusion to improve your workplace.

The cost of your program subsidises education for school students, allowing greater access for all Australians to be educated on inclusivity.

A small gift made by you during your program will be delivered directly to schools, with messages promoting inclusivity and supporting the fight against bullying.


Partnering with Qtopia Sydney presents a tangible way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to improving the lives of LGBTQIA+ people and contributing to a legacy that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

As one of our inaugural sponsors, your partnership will allow your organisation the opportunity to be a part of the journey from initiation.

With prevalent media attention from the ABC, Daily Telegraph, TimeOut Magazine, Broadsheet, SMH and the three major TV networks, all eyes are on Qtopia Sydney. A partnership allows your organisation to publicly show your commitment to diversity and inclusion through these channels.

Together we will build a tailored partnership that allows us to expand our reach and impact, whilst also creating invaluable exposure opportunities that will help meet your organisation’s internal objectives.

"At a time when other people weren't speaking up, you were giving voice to issues, to community, a community that was being pushed down."

Ita Buttrose AC OBE, Patron of Qtopia Sydney

Our Founding Partner

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