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Amber Vincent

Amber Vincent

Operations Director

Amber Vincent is an accomplished Project ManagerStore Design Specialist, and Visual Merchandiser with extensive experience in the retail industry. Her expertise spans across various facets of retail, including department stores and luxury cosmetics businesses.

Amber has successfully overseen the inception and installation of retail stores, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional outcomes. Her ability to lead cross-functional teams has resulted in the creation of luxury events and the efficient management of store openings. She brings a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every store design aligns with the brand’s vision and customer experience.

Amber’s tenure at Qtopia Sydney exemplifies her collaborative approach. As part of the team, she has worked closely with various stakeholders, including Building Managers, Architects, and Create NSW. Her role extends beyond project management. She actively contributes to strategic decision-making, ensuring that timelines, budgets, procurement and necessary approvals are meticulously handled.

Amber’s commitment to preserving and celebrating Queer history and culture is evident in her work. As a key supporter of the lead curator, she has delved into individual research and development. Her efforts have facilitated the smooth transition of the old Darlinghurst Police Station into a significant space dedicated to Queer narratives and heritage.

Amber Vincent’s multifaceted skills, attention to detail, and dedication to meaningful projects make her an invaluable asset in the retail and cultural landscape.

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