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George Savoulis

Curatorial Director

George Savoulis is a seasoned creative director, curator, and architect renowned for his exceptional work across the globe. With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Savoulis boasts extensive experience in delivering outstanding creative projects and installations worldwide. His expertise encompasses Design, Architecture, Creative Direction, Curatorial, and Major Events Production.

Throughout his career, Savoulis has collaborated with prestigious entities, leaving an indelible mark on the international event scene. Notable highlights include his contributions to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the Australian Olympic Committee, and ANZ. His pivotal role in shaping events such as the Commonwealth Games and pioneering initiatives for Qantas underscores his impact on the industry.

As a creative, Savoulis finds inspiration in crafting experiences that transcend boundaries. His passion for enriching lives through events tailored to diverse audiences, designing vibrant spaces, and creating unique artworks is evident in his portfolio.

With a global perspective, Savoulis has exhibited his talents in renowned cultural hubs such as Sydney, Seoul and Venice. These experiences have enriched his creative journey, allowing him to thrive on the opportunity to bring ideas to life. Whether orchestrating grand events for thousands, shaping spaces conducive to growth, or producing captivating artworks, Savoulis remains committed to elevating human experiences through his creative endeavors.

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