The AIDS epidemic is not over

From the emergence of AIDS in Sydney in the early 1980s, to present day, we trace the many stories and experiences of HIV in the community, commemorating this history and providing an educational resource for generations to come.

Crime and freedom

Human rights and social change

Activism and advocacy set against an international climate of social change, led to protests for the human rights of the queer community, perhaps best recognised through the turning point of 1978 here in Darlinghurst. This history includes decriminalisation, anti- discrimination laws, parenting and adoption rights, service in the defence force, marriage equality and equality legislation.

We’re here, we’re Queer

Our exhibitions celebrate an expansive understanding of sexuality, identity and community creativity. The LGBTQIA+ community has long challenged and broadened ideas of gender, sexuality, intimacy and family, love and relationships. Celebrate kin and community in our guide to Queer language and reflect on complex ideas about identity.

Who tells Queer stories?

We challenge the mainstream media representation of Queer lives, celebrating storytelling both in media such as the Sydney Star Observer and Lesbians on the Loose, and through the recognition of individual voices across the community.

First Nations storytelling

Whether it is stories of Darlinghurst Police Station, HIV Activism, Sydney WorldPride or a myriad of expressions of Queer creativity and identity, we celebrate the experiences and voices of Queer First Nations communities.
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