Becoming is a showcase of how various forms of gender expression have interacted, intertwined and evolved in Queer communities. 

As language and terminology have shifted over time, such as female impersonator or transvestite that were once commonplace, are now generally considered outdated and offensive. The contemporary term trans and gender diverse has become an umbrella which seeks to describe people with gender identities and expressions that challenge typical notions of man or woman or are imagined beyond that binary altogether. 

Drag is the heightened performance of gender as a form of entertainment. It is characterised by performing in a theatrical or artistic sense and is quite distinct from those who are trans and gender diverse – though these stories are connected.  

From early colonial examples of cross dressing to a celebration of important figures in First Nations drag, we bear witness to different forms of self-expression and creativity and the self determination of trans people in the face of great hostility.

Through stories of many individuals and groups, this exhibition presents an introductory window into the lives of those who have contributed to the complex understanding of sexuality and gender. 


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