HIV Memorial

HIV/AIDS Memorial

The HIV/AIDS Memorial is a dynamic yet gentle and inclusive tribute, using vivid stories, intimate photographs and community contributions to honour those lost to the epidemic, while blending historical remembrance with modern storytelling. 

It provides a serene and ever-evolving tribute to those lost to the epidemic, steering away from statistics and medical details. Instead, it presents a poignant picture through the vibrant narratives of loved ones, sharing stories of the departed individuals’ lives, passions and achievements.

The memorial resembles a vast family album, seamlessly weaving personal and intimate photographic memories with contemporary tales of hope. This space of individual and communal grief encourages community involvement by inviting the contribution of stories, incorporating names from World AIDS Day lists, spanning from 1989 to 1999, images from the AIDS quilt and other familiar community memorabilia. 

This memorial is a carefully crafted invitation for the community to share their experiences, featuring a dynamic digital interface showcasing stories of HIV/AIDS both past and present.

The design seamlessly blends historical remembrance with modern storytelling, fostering a sense of connection and collective reflection on the impact of HIV/AIDS.

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