The Original Activists

The Original Activists

As a celebration of First Nations activism creativity, this exhibition recognises the LGBTQIA+ Trailblazers of First Nations communities, with portraits of pioneers, innovators, community organisers, artists, poets, dancers and singers. 

Combining portraits, artwork, video and campaign and activist posters, it is an important document of activism and creativity. It will include work by Dennis Golding-Bowman, Arone Meeks, Nola Taylor, Jeffrey Samuel, Jai Walker and Leonie Rhodes. 

Developed in partnership with Boomalli Aboriginal Arts Cooperative and the Australian Queer Archives, it is a beautiful and positive narrative about the depth of community commitment, staunchness, organising and knowledge that demonstrates the breadth of First Nations involvement in social movements.

It will generate new conversations based on First Nations world views including Country. 

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