Where we are

Where We Are

The former Darlinghurst Police Station, now home to Qtopia Sydney, embodies Sydney’s historical evolution – from its colonial formation to its transformation into a health and now Queer cultural Centre.

Originally a significant meeting place for the Gadigal and Wangal First Nations, it became a place and symbol of colonial power with the arrival of European settlers, marked by the imposition of a courthouse, gaol and police station. 

The building played a central role in Sydney’s history, from enforcing laws that discriminated against homosexuality to being a battleground for crime groups like the razor gangs. The station, decommissioned in the late 1980s, transitioned into a vital health centre.

Today, the Darlinghurst Police Station stands as a living testament to the intersection of law, culture and identity in Sydney’s history, particularly concerning LGBTQIA+ rights. 

From its sandstone beginnings to policing activities related to illegal actions near the red-light district, the exhibit addresses both the station’s dark past and its transformation into a place of Queer storytelling, offering a symbolic representation of protest and visibility.

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