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George Savoulis Appointed to Curatorial Director of Qtopia Sydney

April 23, 2024

In the wake of opening 18 inaugural exhibitions and three performance spaces, Qtopia Sydney has announced the appointment of George Savoulis to Curatorial Director of exhibitions and culture.
In accepting his position, Mr Savoulis said, “I am deeply humbled to step into the role of Curatorial Director at Qtopia Sydney. Building on the success of Dr Liz Bradshaw and the team of founding Curators, I look forward to continuing to showcase our vibrant stories.”

George Savoulis joined the Qtopia Sydney team in 2023 as Senior Curator, assisting in the development of 18 inaugural exhibitions in readiness for our opening. He contributed to five out of 18 total exhibitions, three in which he crafted independently – ‘The Apology’, ‘Where We Are’ and ‘1978: Hour By Hour’.

Mr Savoulis will guide Qtopia Sydney into its next phase of curation. Whilst the current exhibitions will remain for the next few months, Mr Savoulis is keen to continue our legacy through storytelling.
“I am honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of transforming the stories of our community into immersive experiences that challenge conventions and ignite meaningful dialogue,” Mr Savoulis continued.

“As a person from Sydney, Qtopia Sydney holds profound significance to me as a vital space for sharing these stories, fostering inclusivity and promoting understanding and acceptance within the community.
“Together with the clear vision and ambitious goals of the Qtopia Sydney team, we will strive to push boundaries, celebrate diversity and create a space where the stories of our community have a home, thrive and inspire. Qtopia Sydney is a place for our stories,” concluded Mr Savoulis.

CEO Greg Fisher commented saying, “George has been a magnificent asset to the Qtopia Sydney team. His expertise, knowledge and valuable artistic direction is why we have appointed him to Curatorial Director.

“I am confident in George and his ability to tell the stories of our community with accuracy, transparency and respect. I believe I speak on behalf of everyone in the team when I say I am thrilled to discover what he brings to the role and to the future of Qtopia Sydney,” Mr Fisher concluded.

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